Ayr & District Advanced Motorists are a local group affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists

About the Group

Come along...

on a Tuesday evening. We will be pleased to meet you and one of our trained observers will tell you what is involved, answer any questions and will take you on a demonstration drive to show you what advanced driving is about.

After that you are free to make up your mind whether advanced driving is for you. Of course we hope that you will decide to join us. You can then sign up for the "Skill for Life" programme.

The Skill for Life programme gives you Associate Membership of the IAM, Associate membership of our Group, a copy of the IAM Driving Manual, a series of preparatory drives, the IAM test fee and full membership of the IAM when you pass the test. You will also become a full member of the Ayr Group.

The on the road programme is a series of observed runs in you own car accompanied by a Group observer. The observer will comment on your driving, and where suitable suggest a better way of treating a driving situation. Each run is chosen to highlight particular features of advanced driving.